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It was a special night for Melanie. He told her that he would do anything for her birthday, and she decided it was time to make use of the big girlcock she’d been saving for the right moment.

She set up the video cam before they began. She wanted to be able to watch that thick length of cock utterly disappear into her hubby’s tight little hole. She wanted to be able to relive and re-hear those moaning, growling and pleading sounds he would make.

And she wanted to hear him beg her to fuck him like a dirty whore. If he didn’t, she would make him, or he would get no release.

She would even whisper to him that he should imagine this as her own real cock, and he should beg for her to dump her hot cum deep into his bowels.

He would do as she asked. It was, after all, her special day.

This was the night that she decided she needed to own his body like this more often, the way he owned hers the rest of the time.

And as she watched that thick dildo vanish inside of his lubed and spread anal grip in the playback, she wondered how much more he could take. And in one secret corner of her mind, the question shifted to this one: how and when to bring in the real cocks.

That last one was her birthday wish as she blew out the candles… after dripping wax on his nipples.

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