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May 01 2015

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OMG…amazing …I do not know why but I’m very horny when I see naked mature … especially amateur pictures without makeup, natural,hairy  … just like this … Their wrinkled skin , especially on the stomach and butt, sagging boobs and old pussy really makes me horny .. . and when they fucking with young boys … my dick was hard as a rock


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He pulled his cock out of her sore pussy. Her pussy looks like raw meat; it was wide open, raw and red and it is filled with black cum. Shes happy and she wanted this and to let the nature take its course.

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Mmmm  I wish!

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Sweet Sexy Lady!

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love it…nice butt.

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Me…getting a good pussy lashing from my new gf. So hot

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I love this sexy GF!  Jessa

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Me…slurping on my 3rd big dick and cum load of the weekend.. So hot.

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Me..making a big cock unload just before sucking it clean.

Please turn me on & reblog if you like that I love eatting cum..   xoxo Jessa

Sexxy and hot

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It was a special night for Melanie. He told her that he would do anything for her birthday, and she decided it was time to make use of the big girlcock she’d been saving for the right moment.

She set up the video cam before they began. She wanted to be able to watch that thick length of cock utterly disappear into her hubby’s tight little hole. She wanted to be able to relive and re-hear those moaning, growling and pleading sounds he would make.

And she wanted to hear him beg her to fuck him like a dirty whore. If he didn’t, she would make him, or he would get no release.

She would even whisper to him that he should imagine this as her own real cock, and he should beg for her to dump her hot cum deep into his bowels.

He would do as she asked. It was, after all, her special day.

This was the night that she decided she needed to own his body like this more often, the way he owned hers the rest of the time.

And as she watched that thick dildo vanish inside of his lubed and spread anal grip in the playback, she wondered how much more he could take. And in one secret corner of her mind, the question shifted to this one: how and when to bring in the real cocks.

That last one was her birthday wish as she blew out the candles… after dripping wax on his nipples.

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Susan was half in disbelief and halfway to sopping wet heaven in this moment.

It was her BFF, Angie’s own mother who had seduced her with a little wine and a few pried-out secrets.

Susan did spill a quiet admission or two, as they awaited Angie’s tardy return from the city after missing a train. She blushingly revealed to Angie’s Mom that she had a secret crush on Angie, but didn’t think Angie would reciprocate. Mrs. Martin smiled knowingly, and shared something in return. “She hasn’t gone there yet, but she will. It’s in the genes. And in her porn files.”

When Susan admitted to being a bi-virgin, but with endless fantasies, Mrs. M poured another glass for them both, clinked a toast to “new horizons”, then said “Drink up, Susan. I have something to show you.”

Before Susan knew what was happening, she was in Mrs. Martin’s bedroom, her blouse open, her panties at her ankles, and Angie’s mother’s tongue lapping away deep in her throat.

Mrs. M whispered, “Angie has no idea how much I love girls. Let me show you how to seduce one properly…”.

And just as Mrs. M slid the first finger deep into Susan’s trembling cunt walls, she whispered,“If you do this with Angie here when she gets back, text me. I’m going to want to watch.”

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It was not what either sister had expected. But when they ended up having to share a computer, there were files strewn and hidden (or perhaps not hidden in one case) - of self-nudes and dirty hungers, and tumblr pages rife with amazingly similar girl-on-girl, and even incestuous kink-filled fantasies.

A little wine and a loaded question opened the carnal conversation like a popped cork. Then between sips and shameful full-body blushes, secrets were spilled and hungers were bared.

It seemed to be in their DNA, as they revealed to one another that they were both aware that Mom’s “girl getaway weekends” were most likely as sexual in practice as the girls longed to be in their dirty daydreams.

It wasn’t long before robes and underthings were shed and kisses led to gropes and semi-awkward moves, as they both tried to forget they were siblings, while being so soppingly aroused by the very same fact.

As the middle sister, Maura, leaned in to kiss and kneel for her first taste of big sister’s soaked puss, she whispered that if they like this they should invite the younger sister in next time, since she was likely the most sexually dominant of the three.

Older sister, Beth purred with Maura’s hip kisses and giggled at the thought, “She probably have us both tied down and be fucking us raw with some monster dildo.”

Both of the girls laughed, knowing baby sister Caroline had the making of a hot domme indeed. She was probably already pegging her latest beau, the way he walked sometimes.

As Maura returned to Beth’s sopping cunt for a long deep sip of sister juice, she said softly, “Might be fun. Being fucked like that. And that body of hers…”

All she heard was Beth’s soft moan hissing an “I knoooowww…”, as big sister melted into Maura’s face.

When next Maura removed her mouth from her Beth’s soaking slit, she added wickedly, “I have a strap-on dick or three that I can fuck you with, Beth.” Then she went right back to eating pussy.

Beth wriggled and grabbed Maura’s hair and pulled her out and up for a hot girl-precum kiss.

“If you have it here, get it. Get a big one. And lube. My ass is in desperate need of a hard fucking, like you wouldn’t believe!”

“You too? Fuck. Be right back… if you promise to do me too.”

These girls were going to learn tons of things they’d never dreamed about their own siblings before tonight.

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Smarty Pants Erotica ~ Smart Smut

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When he thought of her now, he could almost feel her heat about to swallow him whole.

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That’s the way … make his orgasm start with his asshole and travel up his cock and balls.

I love it when J does this to me.  I cum so hard I could blow a hole in a wall with my sperm!!  Rx

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I hope you like these Sunday morning pictures; I was feeling a little naughty, I can’t deny.  Jx

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